International Integration Oil And Gas Engineering Company



JSC "MINNEFTEGASSTROI" completing negotiations for the purchase of up to 100 % of the shares in the oil Company, leading the search, exploration and development of oil and gas fields and prospective areas, the extraction of hydrocarbons in the Saratov Russia to acquire.


Characteristics of the acquired Company.1 the company has a valid license for the right of subsoil use: SRT 00219 HP Chernavsky licensed site (1325 km2). The company also has licenses for the storage of oil and petroleum products, operation of hazardous production facilities and carrying out works on railway transport. In the area of s. Ivanteevka, St. poplar built Central collection point for oil to the rail terminal at 2000 m3. Now the commodity turnover per month is 1700 tons. There is a logistical base to service wells and transport oil. C 1997 to 2008, the company carried out surface geophysical surveys Chernavsky on the site. As of 1 January 2008, the site was worked over 1700 linear kilometers of seismic profiles (2D) and 192 running km electrical profiles.The result of the exploration operations prepared for exploratory drilling six structures: Chernavsky, South Chernavsky, Eastern Chernavsky, Schigrovskogo, North Ivanteevskaya, East Ivanteevka and Nursing (2006). Within Ivanteevskaya a raised area of the five elevated areas: South Ivanteevskaya, Ivanteevki, West=Schigrovskogo, Znamenskiy, Malinowski, two of which (South-Ivanteevka, Ivanteevka) prepared for detailed seismic work. Within the two sites is projected to the existence of more than 30 promising uplifts.In 2000-2002 to Chernavsky, South Chernavsky, Eastern Cerjavski and Schigrovskogo structures were drilled 4 exploratory wells with depths ranging from 2500 to 2700 m. the Total meterage of exploration drilling totaled 10406 m. Two wells uncovered oil deposits of commercial value in the sediments of the middle Devonian. Open sweet crude oil, characterized by high paraffin content and high solidification temperature. The high content of paraffin prevents oil production. Costs in the search program of the company at the beginning of 2011 amounted to about $ 20 million. USA. Most of this sum was provided by the Czech CRUDE INVEST A. O.In 2000, BASHNIPINEFT carried out technical and economic evaluation of prospects of development of the license areas and resources of hydrocarbons. According to the plots BASHNIPINEFT recoverable resources amount to 55 million tons of oil.In 2001 the company underwent a geological audit performed by DEGOLYER AND MACNAUGHTON. Recoverable oil resources were estimated to range from 3.6 to 15 million tons. The results of the audit confirmed the oil potential of the license areas. In 2004 Blackwatch Petroleum Services Limited has confirmed the above assessment and evaluated (including all risks) recoverable reserves of at least 27 million barrels at the price of a barrel of $1.2 (NPV 10%). According to licensed materials recoverable resources category D1лок discount sites 38 million TOE.According to the passports of the structures, prepared for exploratory drilling, recoverable resources of C3 category amount to 11.1 million tonnes of oil equivalent.At present OJSC "Saratovneftegeofizika" and TRACS CONSULT has also carried out a similar assessment of hydrocarbon resources.



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